Video Advertising

Video Advertising

May 22, 2020

It has almost been a “must” for the companies but what about the audience?

Of course, one would comprehend that the advertisements are created for the audience. And rightly so, but is it only that?

Are advertisements created to benefit the people by providing information about the product? It might have started that way but today as we near towards the ending of half of the year 2020, advertisement has seen many changes and so has the format of the advertisement.

With constant development and growth in the business sector and the rise of companies, advertisement today is more than a need of the company. It is also about creating an experience for its audience today, who potentially are the customers of tomorrow. Add to that, the tremendous growth of social media platforms and mobile applications and daily users who are constantly on the go in search of “something exciting”; video advertisement has seemingly sipped into the minds of the viewers without any conscious effort by the users.

Video advertising is a curated content that is being played for promotion of a product/services/brand before, during, or after the steaming of the online content in various thematic platforms such as YouTube, Social media platforms, and websites. The video advertising has become an essential part of promotion because of the engagement with the viewers that it tends to provide. Some of the widely common ad formats in digital video advertising include pre-roll, post-roll, pause-roll, mid-roll, True View In-Stream, and True View Video Discovery amongst others.

Video advertising has undoubtedly become one of the most engaging and fascinating modes of communicating the message both in the B2B as well as the B2C industries. And rightly so, as the advertisement has come far from the days when it was simply to put forth the message of the product.

Today, digital video advertising is more about presenting an experience of the brand, cultivating the image and reflecting the ideals of the brand with super-engaging videos. Video Marketing, or video ad, has understandably become one of the best possible strategies to communicate content to a user as the chances of gaining more impressions through a video message is comparatively higher than that through text message. This, besides, not only helps to communicate the message but also helps to make an impact using various appeals through the advertisement format.

Video advertising has been actively dominating the way brands communicate their message in recent years. With the era of digitization happening, it seems like a very apt decision on the part of marketers to choose this format of the advertisement.With the rise in many Indian start-up ventures specializing in video advertisement formats, it is highly likely the growth would be there for advertisers and companies to behold in the digital and social media platforms alike. Government bodies like The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises have also played a key role in advocating the start-ups in the country. As per the reports, digital advertising is expected to be a winner which can be seen from the faith that the MSMEs have put on the medium to connect to their target audiences.

The re-definition of MSME with the increase in the investment and the significant rise in the turnover limits have benefitted from the government schemes. Companies have thus been reaping the benefits of the schemes leading to firms leaning towards digital advertising where video ads play a vital role.

Not only does the wide variety of video ads enable ease in communicating the message to the viewers but along with it, the video ads are competent to guarantee high engagement and performance for the company. As the video advertisement has high-visibility, it also can achieve multiple KPIs from a single ad spot making it perfect for the companies wanting to promote their products through the medium.The lower cost and higher Return on Investment add to the benefit of curating a video ad for the larger number of audiences at a go.

Video advertisement with its ability to create an impact within a short time has made advertisers and new companies opt for this format of the advertisement from the initial stages. To say that no other formats can reap as many benefits than video ads won't be a wrong assumption as there is no other format of advertisement that provides the same functionality in terms of being interactive, gripping the attention of the audience and capturing the emotions through sensible story-telling within few seconds.

One of the highly innovative concepts of video advertisement today can be accounted to the Pro.V 9 products which are the next generation of ads like Ace, Mini, Bold, Mini, Belt, and Roll. These products have been developed with a keen understanding of what works in the market and what doesn't. From bringing able to grip the minds of the audience along with transcending the concept of the video advertisement. The dynamic Pro.V 9 products can adapt to the expansion in the world of video advertisement both in desktop as well as the mobile format and across multiple formats such as vertical videos and in-stream formats without being intrusive to the potential customers.

These high engagement yielding video ad formats with its Flexy Player not only enables the brands, advertisers, and publishers to use the innovative video ads but also supreme with its ability to apply multiple features in a single ad. Being able to customize the ad as per the need of the hour makes products like Pro. V 9, the next big thing in the world of video advertisement for companies large and small.

To put things into perspective, in 2010, video ads accounted for 12.8% of all videos that had been viewed which is comparatively higher than that of television advertisements.

More than 87% of online marketers use video content to promote the product.A report from Forbes suggested that more than 500 million people use platforms like Facebook every single day, out of which 45% of people are engaged in watching the videos. And as mentioned above, the video that is being played constitutes of ad, through the pre-roll, post-roll, pause-roll, mid-roll of the video.

It must be true as more than 51% across the world have claimed that the ROI on video ads is much higher than any other format.

A piece of good news for the companies using video ads is that as per the reports, more than 46% of the audience take action after watching the video ads. This, in itself, can give the benefit of doubt to video advertisers. This, however, can't be said about other ad formats.

There are endless data that can show the benefits of using video advertisements and yes, there are many but ultimately it is up to the companies to make a thoughtful decision by looking at their target audiences.

Advertisement- although may seem generic, it is not. The key to creating an impactful advertisement essentially lies within the heart of the brand/companies and their audiences and the same goes for curating an impactful video advertisement to reap the benefits.

No doubt, video advertisement can reach out to the larger audiences with many benefits to reap but ultimately a quality advertisement can result from what is being sown.


Video advertising has undoubtedly become one of the most engaging and fascinating modes of communicating the message both in the B2B as well as the B2C industries. I suggest to opt Pro.V 9 video ad formats to get more ROI.